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Digital Marketing In Srilanka

Digital marketing is a new and effective marketing strategy in this era. It is a process of marketing product or services using digital technology on the internet. In this 21st century, people didn’t have time to read the newspaper or read a road site advertisement. they are running every day in their busy life. Yes, of course, people didn’t have much time, but they have mobile phones and every day they browsing the internet using a computer or mobile phones.  That’s why digital marketing is playing a major role in today’s marketing.

Digital marketing may take place electronically and online while conventional marketing may occur in print ads, phone contact or physical marketing. It means that brands, including email, video, social media and Web-based marketing opportunities have endless options. Because digital marketing has so many choices and techniques, you can use a variety of marketing tactics on the budget to build and experiment. Digital marketing can also allow you to track the results and the ROI of your campaign by using instruments such as numerical dashboards-for example, a billboard or print ad-more than you can for conventional advertising materials.

Why is digital marketing growing faster in srilanka?

The use of mobile phones, computers and laptops has accelerated leading to a significant change in the growth of intensity and volume. Whether it’s social media, searching For details or shopping. This medium was transformed into an all-embracing market by Srilanka. And this competition has thrived in establishing digital marketing as a primary source of business!

Digital Marketing is growing at a rate of 20% to 25% every year during the last 5 to 6 years in Sri Lanka. It is also believed that 63% of all Sri Lankan internet visits happen on a mobile device. And if statistics are to be believed, Srilanka has reached 6,087,164 users of the internet by the end of 2016.  The increase in digital marketing is due to high-speed digitalization, online portals, social media channels, etc.

| Digital marketing blog | digital marketing consultancy

Digital Marketing Opportunities in Srilanka

Online commercialization in Srilanka is becoming mainstream. Most businesses have not taken digital marketing seriously until 2015. They were not ready to change and kept in traditional practices in marketing. Nonetheless, market forces have ensured that you either begin or fail to do Online marketing. Because conventional marketing is extremely inefficient in contrast to digital marketing. In reality, consumer shies away from you and purchase from a rival when you don’t have a digital marketing plan and an online presence. Freelancers and businessmen could get their first driver advantage before digital marketing became popular.

The business was rapidly expanded by people who did strong content marketing and search engine marketing. Traditional businesses just didn’t know what digital marketing was. it is very critical and no longer an optional marketing strategy. Each day more businesses are waking up. They catch up late but there is no other way of catching up.

Here is a list of the different digital marketing positions for those who are looking for a career

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content Writers
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • SEO Executives
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Copy Writers

Here are some Digital marketing Agencies in Srilanka

Digital Okee , Pixelclear ,Orixmarketing ,loopsagency  & BOOSEO (Recommended)

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